One way we make it easy to give back to the community is through our fundraiser programs. We offer two different options that help you and your organization raise the funds you need. The first option is a standard person-to-person sales fundraiser. The second, is an all-in online fundraiser.

With the traditional fundraising program, we provide you with a copy of our fundraiser sheet and product list which you then print and give to your participants. You will then have a few weeks to get your sales done and monies in order for return to us. Your organization will earn a set amount of money for each product purchased.

The second option, online, cuts out the paperwork and the need for door-to-door sales. We simply allow your organization to collect a portion of the proceeds per product sold on our website for a set period of time (usually a week).

If you have any questions, or would love to learn more about our fundraiser programs, please inquire at the email address listed below.