What's Our Process?

What Sets Us Apart From Other Coffee Companies?

Most coffee companies roast and package their products weeks, or even months, in advance. We are the complete opposite! We do not roast your coffee until you order it, insuring that you are going to receive your coffee at its peak of freshness. Every ingredient that we use is all natural and the finest available on the market.


Our Roasting Process:

We import our raw beans from a single origin family farm in the heart of Columbia. Our Columbian Supremo beans are grown at altitudes of 2400 meters, hand washed and dried for 14 weeks. Once packaged, they will begin their journey to the Port Of Houston! We then obtain the raw beans, where they are taken back to our shop to run through several quality control measures to assure every bean meets our expectations. The beans that pass our 1st step of quality control measures make their way to the roaster! Our custom roast profiles were carefully designed to highlight the exceptional quality of the beans, carefully bringing to light the sweet & aromatic features of the beans. After the beans have completed the roasting process, they are cooled off in specialty designed cooling trays. All of the beans will then go through another quality control step to make sure every bean is uniform in color and appearance. Finally, the beans will go into what we call the degassing stage where they will be purged with nitrogen and left in oxygen deficient contains for 96 hours! We will then package the beans and send them off to their new home to be enjoyed!