About Us

Our Mission:

Fair Dinkum – adj: unquestionably good or genuine!

Fair Dinkum Coffee Co. is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving back to the children of our community. We import raw coffee beans, roast them right here in Deer Park, TX, and ship them all over North America! Our goal is to invest in our future leaders, spread kindness, and provide you with the freshest coffee available on the market! As our Australian friends would say- We are Fair Dinkum about giving back!

Be genuine, be kind, be you!


 Meet the Owners:

 Chris Clark


Co-founder/President/Roast Master

 I was born and raised right here in Deer Park TX! I started Fair Dinkum Coffee Co. with only one goal in mind and that was to invest in the children of our community. So many business now a days do not support the community’s that keep them in business.
After sitting on the board of directors for a local youth sports organization as the fundraising coordinator and finding out how little company’s here local contribute, I decided I was going to change that!

I started roasting coffee about a year ago as a hobby. After going through almost 100 lbs. of raw coffee beans, I found the right roasting method. After I learned the science behind it, I became obsessed with it! I could go on for days about what all goes into it!

All of our raw beans are ordered in from organic family farms in the mountains of Columbia. Our beans are grown at an elevation of 2100 meters, hand picked, washed then dried in the sun for 14 weeks. All of the coffee we sell is roasted right here in in Deer Park and sealed in dark airtight containers for 96 hours to allow the oil the release from the beans. We do not grind anything until we receive an order to guarantee our customers the freshest and best tasting coffee available on the market.


John Sheffield


Co-founder/Vice President/Treasurer

Chris approached me with the idea of starting a coffee roasting business and asked me if I wanted to join him in this adventure.  Being a career firefighter/paramedic for 12 years I already had a lot of  experience with coffee! It didn’t take a lot of convincing for me! He then shared with me his vision of wanting to invest back into the youth of our community and I was all in! I am very honored to have the opportunity to give back to our community.


Stacye Hughes


 Co-owner/2nd Vice President/Secretary

If there is one thing my friends and family have always known about me, it's my love for coffee! I used to work for a Spa Resort in North Georgia, and that is where I had my first experience roasting beans fresh and then grinding as needed, and the difference in taste is amazing! Since my time there, I moved Back to Florida with my husband, where I was born and raised, and we had our daughter. He was then given the opportunity to move with his company out to Pasadena, TX and we settled on living in Deer Park where we added our son to the family. As a stay-at-home mom of two, I found my second love in being able to spend the time with my children to help them learn and grow, and support their interests in extracurricular activities. When I was given the opportunity to jump on board with Fair Dinkum Coffee Co., to be involved in a coffee company who was looking to support children's interests and help them in times of need, I knew I had to take it! I feel so lucky everyday to be a part of something that will do so many great things within our community.